TMNT Arcade

Thanks to Kijiji, I was able to find this game, what was not listed, which was a nice surprise, was that it also came with a complete mame setup! The guy selling it could not get the MAME PC to look right, felt bad and sold the kit to me for $80 to get rid of it.

Sadly, someone did not like the great 80’s artwork, if I scratch away the black paint, I see the vinyl print under it.


TMNT Cab + Control Panel + Marquee , sides are black, painted over artwork

Large arcade monitor, picture is perfect

JPAC adaptor

P4 Computer

AracadeVGA card


2 Cash Boxes


Keys, so the boxes need to have the cylinders replaced (easy).

The plastic that goes between the bezel and the monitor (no clue yet on replacing it)

JAMMA harness has some loose feet. So need to slip a wire in to help with a better contact for now.

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