Misc Stuff to Buy/Do


Upgrading my T-Molding from Black to Light Blue, which seems very appropriate. Seems that t-molding.com has the most reasonable usps shipping to canada,  $8.30, plus their molding is only 50 cents a foot. However, no surprise to me, they are away on vacation for two weeks, so this will have to wait.



Going to use Almonte Sign http://www.almontesigns.com/ probably. Their prices seem fair, and they are local, and love to support Local. They have professional equipment that can print on ANYTHING, so worst case I can source my own substrate. They also have a number of plastics that are supposed to be great for back lighting (marquee). Worth a try of Ottawa Arcade enthusiasts!

The internet is telling me Suede Textured Polycarbonate 3M Backed. I am going to see if I can find appropriate 3/4″ wood that has the substrate built in, and have them print directly on it.

An other option, is to use 1/8″ clear lexon on 5/8″ wood. Stay tuned.

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