Software that I am using


Windows XP SP3, updated.

Font End

I have tried a number of front ends, HyperSpin was pretty cool, but for 17 bucks, GameEx just worked, and even thumbnailed all of my images, and does a great job of putting mame games in categories etc. Will include a video eventually, but so far, I am loving it, and my 6 year old is having no issues navigating the interface. BUY IT!



Emulator for all arcade. I think everyone knows this one,.


Same as mame, but for everything else. Seems to work ok so far. No comments yet, other then that it just works,


This binary fixes the games to run in their native “arcade” res, so if you have an arcade monitor, the games look great and proper with this little app. You can add resolution files to MAME (which I have done) but it keeps adding incorrect resolutions for my arcade monitor and has been a pain. this just works.

Will add link late.r

Other Stuff

Will add later

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