New parts

Ordered a new JAMMA harness from ebay two weeks ago. Hong Kong seller with a drop ship location in the states, so you get HK pricing with USA deliveries. I can recommend chowhe_taiwan

Made a big buy from ultracabs, found him on ebay, and got him to do a custom kit.  So far Neil has been is great. Lets hope customs is was  kind.

2 x Joysticks
12 x action buttons (chrome illuminated )
2 x start buttons ( as above)
2 x Blue crystal balltops
1 x LED wiring kit

1 Sheet of 4×4 3/4Inch MDF, Home hardware sold me a half sheet, and surprisingly it was 50% the cost of a full sheet.

40 Feet of light blue T-Molding
Whiteside Slotting Cutter 1/16″ 3-Wing


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