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New CP Board

29 September

Photos to come, a new control panel has been manufactured from 3/4 inch MDF. Mike made it look easy. Took him no time! AMAZING!!!!

Have to get the art done this weekend, I CANNOT wait to go to the printer as soon as I get it looking nice.

T-Molding ordered today, had to order a slot cutter bit and thingie as well, did not expect the extra 20 buck expense but hopefully I will be able to either use it again or sell it locally to recoup some cost. I MUST put the molding on the MDF to protect the edge, it is so fragile on the sides.

what is really sad, is even though I saw how he made my panel, there is no way I could do it myself and make it look the same without spending days. and even then it would not be as good. He even sprayed it with a sealer to make it last. Wow.

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